How To Tackle Retailers' Priorities in 2017

February 16th at 1pm ET / 11am PT / 6pm GMT with guest Fiona Swerdlow, VP Research, Forrester; Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO, Mirakl.

Retailers today operate in an intensely competitive market, managing across multiple touchpoints to deliver on customer expectations for seamless, rich, and engaging experiences. From marketing and IT to fulfillment and customer service, running the business is expensive, which underscores retailers’ need for profitable growth to survive and thrive.

Please join guest speaker Fiona Swerdlow of Forrester Research and Adrien Nussenbaum of Mirakl in a complimentary webinar to learn how retailers in 2017 are prioritizing initiatives to:

  • Understand – and obsess! – about today’s Empowered Customer
  • Harness digital as part of the customer’s total brand experience
  • Tap customer insights to understand and deliver on customer preferences and needs
  • Find new ways to drive incremental revenue and increase profit margins

Learn how the Marketplace model delivers benefits to meet these needs, and how retailers have created profitable growth by launching their own Marketplaces.


About our guest speakers:

Fiona Swerdlow

Fiona Swerdlow

VP Research Director, Forrester

Adrien Nussenbaum


CEO, Mirakl