How first movers gain a ‘leader advantage’ by embracing the buyer’s journey

The rapid growth of Amazon Business over the past four years has influenced business buyers' habits, with over 87% already making purchases on marketplaces. As Amazon's successes continue to mount, B2B companies must re-evaluate their commerce strategy to determine if they are effectively meeting the needs of their buyers.

B2B organizations have unique eCommerce requirements when managing channel partners, customer expectations, and third-party relationships. Our new eBook outlines how the marketplace model takes these factors into account to facilitate a more desirable customer journey, where traditional eCommerce falls short.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Four B2B marketplace models for manufacturers, distributors & wholesalers
  • The 10 key success factors for launching your own B2B marketplace
  • Why companies like Conrad, Toyota Material Handling, & Siemens Mobility have embraced the marketplace model to accelerate eCommerce