On-Demand: Opening Keynote and Product Update

In today’s great eCommerce acceleration, businesses stand at a critical crossroads, facing now-or-never decisions that will determine their future. The choice is simple: move now to adopt the enterprise marketplace model and gain a lasting advantage over the competition, or risk losing the opportunity with a “wait and see” approach.

Our opening keynote from our Platform Pioneer Summit features Adrien Nussenbaum, Mirakl’s U.S. CEO and co-founder, as he reflects on how businesses can take the lead with innovative digital strategies and reveals how Mirakl is taking action of its own to lead from the front. He is joined by Mirakl product experts Kelly Gow, Anthony Larkin, and Nagi Letaifa, who will announce key product enhancements and expand on the strategies that Platform Pioneers are employing to scale their marketplace success.

About our speakers:

Adrien Nussenbaum
Co-Founder & U.S. CEO, Mirakl
Adrien is co-founder and U.S. CEO of Mirakl, the global leader in online marketplace solutions. Since graduating from HEC Paris in 2001, Adrien's career has been focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and disruption. His background in corporate finance and management consulting has allowed him to support top Fortune 1000 companies in their strategic growth and transformation initiatives, including creating and leading FNAC's marketplace from 2008 to 2011. A serial digital entrepreneur, Adrien has always been driven by the desire to invent tomorrow's economy: All Instant, a NY based Instant Messaging platform sold in 2003 and SplitGames an online video games marketplace sold to FNAC in 2008. Along with co-founder Philippe Corrot, Adrien has built and led winning teams across the globe, created hundred of jobs, and generated billions in sales for customers. Outside of the office, Adrien enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters exploring their new home town of Cambridge, MA. But don't think you'll catch him trading bouillabaisse for New England clam chowder any time soon.
Anthony Larkin
VP of Product Marketing, Mirakl
Anthony joined Mirakl in 2019 as VP of Product Marketing and is responsible for growing market success of Mirakl’s products and solutions. With more than a decade of experience from Akamai, where he most recently led product marketing for the Web Performance business, Anthony also brings his knowledge and experience in SaaS sales, eCommerce industry marketing and expanding new merchandise categories as a buyer at online retailer, Wayfair.
Nagi Letaifa
VP of Engineering, Mirakl
Nagi joined Mirakl in 2012 and is the VP Engineering. He oversees the Mirakl Labs software and infrastructure engineering teams. Prior to joining Mirakl, Nagi served as a Lead Developer for SaaS companies in Finance and Customer Relationship Management industries. Nagi graduated from Supinfo and holds a Master's degree in Computer Science.
Kelly Gow
Global Product Marketing, B2C & Mirakl Connect, Mirakl
Kelly joined Mirakl in 2013 and leads global product marketing initiatives in the retail space, establishing the go-to-market strategy and bringing Mirakl products and solutions to life for customers. She brings 10+ years of experience in solution consulting, strategic partnerships and product marketing, along with a deep knowledge of eCommerce, marketplaces and the retail sector.