Adapt to ever-changing buyer demands by addressing B2B eCommerce challenges head on

98% of B2B companies consider it important to have a direct relationship with their buyers, driven by buyers’ accelerated expectations for a better digital shopping experience. Now, businesses are facing increased pressure to address the barriers preventing them from meeting these new demands. 

Mirakl partnered with Oracle to conduct new research on how B2B companies are taking action now and embracing eCommerce strategies to adapt to buyer’s needs and rising expectations.

In this report, you will learn essential strategies that will strengthen customer loyalty and grow revenue. 

You’ll come away with insights into: 

  • The way B2B companies are evolving their role in the buying process by creating direct, unfiltered channels of communication with their end users
  • Strategies on how to stop fighting digital giants for B2B buyers’ attention and instead turn it into an opportunity
  • How creating stronger personalization can drive the next generation of B2B companies

Download the report to understand how you can strategically evolve your eCommerce strategy to better meet buyer expectations.