The Future is Now for B2B Marketplaces

As COVID-19 continues to fundamentally change the future of business eCommerce, B2B marketplaces are emerging as a mainstream sales channel and growth driver. With 2020 coming to a close, there are two
certainties regarding the future of B2B marketplaces:

  1. Marketplaces of all kinds – from commercial platforms to highly specialized industry-specific marketplaces – emerged this year as a mainstream digital commerce sales channel & growth driver.
  2. The speed at which B2B marketplaces are growing and proliferating is in large measure driven by the sea change COVID-19 continues to have on business-to-business eCommerce.

Download this report for insights on how business-to-business digital marketplaces are changing the way U.S. companies buy and sell goods and services both within the U.S. and worldwide.



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