The evolution of digital strategy in the aftermarket services industry

In 2020, businesses were confronted with the increasing digital maturity of modern B2B buyers and forced to think differently about how they would address their evolving demands. 

As such, many of these organizations have expedited their digital transformation initiatives, fast-tracking their digital adoption and experiencing a shift in mindset. This trend is now spreading to the aftermarket services industry. These companies are looking at their solutions with a fresh perspective, accepting that traditional business processes are unreliable and considering new, innovative ways - such as the marketplace model - to ensure business continuity in the new digital-first world. 

Based on a survey of over 100 Aftermarket Service Professionals across major industries (machinery, automotive, construction equipment, logistics, marine, aerospace, healthcare and energy), this Mirakl Copperberg report brings together exclusive insights on the challenges they are experiencing and how they plan to address those challenges through digital transformation. 

Download the report to learn more about: 

  • The supply chain challenges Aftermarket Service Professionals are facing every day. 
  • The shift in customers’ buying behaviors towards digital in the aftermarket services industry. 
  • The digital innovation strategies these organisations are adopting, such as the marketplace model, to accelerate growth and improve profitability.


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