It won’t be long until marketplaces will account for more than 50% of global online transactions. That’s because marketplaces provide a better way for online sellers to interact and engage with customers, offering a broader assortment of products and services at competitive prices.

An online marketplace is an environment in which third-party B2C or B2B merchants sell physical items or services on a marketplace website owned by another company—the marketplace ‘operator.


Transactional marketplaces help connect more buyers and sellers, giving marketplace operators the ability to:

  • Offer more products & services,
  • Learn more about what customers want
  • Sell more with an increased profit margin.

These marketplaces foster ecosystems of participants, which help marketplaces grow and improve customer experiences and appeal. Soon, there will be as many marketplaces as traditional business models.

The marketplace operator owns, manages, and realizes business value from their online marketplace. Third-party sellers leverage the operator’s marketplace in exchange for a commission of their sales.

Mirakl powers the Platform Economy since 2012



As a retailer, you know your success is determined by customer engagement and the appeal of your site. Marketplace provides the greatest possible value for your customers and stakeholders in ways unachievable with traditional eCommerce models.

Marketplace Model


A Superior Customer Experience

Business Value That Drives Real Profit

Provide One-Stop Shopping. Give customers product depth and the expanded assortments they want. Customers find everything they expect you to sell and more.

Be Experimental. Test new products and brands at no risk on your marketplace, then source directly and sell in stores for instant wins.

Ensure the Best Possible Price. The marketplace is a self-sustaining price competitive model. Sellers adjust to competitors in your environment so that customers always receive the best prices.

Drive Successes Across Your Organization. With the marketplace, everybody wins. Merchandising teams deliver sales at greater margins and build great relationships with more suppliers. Marketers capture more inbound demand through site activity and customer data. And executive leadership delivers greater revenue, driving profit by fulfilling customer expectations.

Give Your Shoppers an ‘Endless Aisle’ and never miss a sale due to being out-of-stock. Allow sellers to offer products in their core categories, openly showcasing alternative sellers and prices.

Rapidly Integrate and Scale with Ease. You don’t have to go it alone. Overcome your limitations with a turnkey marketplace provider and achieve business value within your first year.

Complete the Experience by Selling Services. Enhance your offering with complementary services—such as installation of white goods, sports lessons or beauty services—alongside key products.


Create deep customer relationships. 90% of consumers say they are satisfied with their purchase from a marketplace. This drives loyalty, as 90% of customers say that they would shop with the same marketplace again when purchasing a similar product.




Mirakl platform makes it possible to quickly, within a few hours, integrate any products volume (from hundreds to millions, according to your goal) proposed by sellers located anywhere in the world.

The Mirakl platform directly connects to your own system and to your e-commerce ecosystem (suppliers, aggregators...) thanks to a state-of-the art technology based on APis.

Mirakl automates complex tasks: new sellers welcoming, management and integration of their catalog, communication with customers and sellers and implementation of the rules (for delivery, logistic, customer service and sellers performance).





"Within few months, we have surpassed the million of products references thanks to our marketplace. This extraordinary growth has been enabled by the robustness of our IT architecture, but is also due to our team managing the marketplace and the excellence of our sellers who propose high-quality products. Mirakl has supported us technologically and expertly to make possible the integration of so much products, in so little time on our marketplace."

Pietro Otto, Senior Director Conrad Marketplace - Conrad




"Mirakl is the key and the right partner because its technology is robust, scalable and easy to integrate. In addition, people are very passionate about the marketplace model and about making sure that we would be successful. Good people, good technology: that's why Mirakl."

Thierry Hay-Sabourin, Senior Vice President, eCommerce - Best Buy Canada




"Partnering with Mirakl enabled us to get this project off the ground and running quickly, to meet our customers’ growing expectations for 24/7/365 access to the products and solutions they need to keep their business moving forward."

Nick Ostergaard, Manager of Digital Transformation - Toyota Material Handling USA