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This White Paper examines the findings from an industry-wide survey of the UK's leading foodservice wholesale businesses carried out by Mirakl and Foodservice Online in association with the Federation of Wholesale Distributors.

The survey asked the UK’s leading foodservice wholesalers about the role of eCommerce in their business to examine whether the sector is ready to embrace digital transformation and the online marketplace model

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For foodservice wholesalers, the pressure is on to offer first-class online services to their customers in order to compete and survive in the evolving and digital-first world of eCommerce. Business-to-consumer buying habits are heavily influencing the business-to-business world where buyers, accustomed to being able to find everything they want on an online marketplace in their personal lives, now expect a similar shopping experience in their professional lives. 

Download this white paper to discover key insights including:

    • How today’s supply chain issues around availability and logistics have highlighted the restrictions of the traditional wholesale model.
    • More than 73% of UK wholesalers have identified eCommerce development and transformation as the most strategically important area for their business.
    • Why foodservice wholesalers should consider a customer-centric marketplace that meets, or exceeds, customer expectation, offering choice, value, convenience and speed.
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