Become a Dominant Digital Platform for Your Industry

Platform businesses like Amazon and Airbnb have reshaped industries and changed the way everyone does business.

Whether you’re a digital native company or an incumbent enterprise navigating a digital economy, platforming your business by launching a marketplace can help improve customer experience and drive business growth.

In this report, Forrester interviewed 33 companies including DoorDash, Dropbox and Mirakl to better understand platform business model disruption and what it takes to build a digital platform business.

Read this report to learn:

  • Four myths surrounding platform businesses and the truth behind them
  • How platforms are transforming every industry, and why first movers have the advantage
  • Three practices to become a dominant digital platform for your industry


How To Build A Platform Business, Forrester Research, Inc., 27 June, 2019, Ted Schadler, Nigel Fenwick with Martin Gill, Allen Bonde, Emma Huff.