A framework for evaluating the adoption of the marketplace model and the key success factors for launching a marketplace

Digital transformation is being accelerated by changing customer demands, expectations of digital inclusion and exponentially evolving technology. The marketplace model is creating a way forward for these organizations to quickly adapt to buyer needs, and drive top-line growth.

The  World Economic Forum's Digital Transformation Community has developed a Guide to Digital Marketplaces which provides a framework to help executives assess marketplace fit and better understand characteristics for success. It features case studies from Mirakl Platform Pioneers Carrefour, Maisons du Monde and Maykers.

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  • The 4 key elements in the design of a marketplace
  • The 3 key components to evaluate the adoption of a Marketplace model
  • The 9 unique factors to successfully operate a Marketplace
  • Insights from business leaders at the forefront of digital transformation including case studies from 10 marketplace operators


Featuring Platform Pioneers:

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