Unleash the true potential of your business with the power of an online marketplace platform. Download The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketplaces and embark on a journey towards profitability, customer satisfaction, and sustained growth.
Marketplace and Dropship Platform
Expand your assortment without the burden of carrying costs or risks with Mirakl's industry-leading Marketplace and Dropship Platform. With our innovative platform models, retailers and B2B businesses can effortlessly offer a diverse catalog without the need to invest in additional inventory. Benefit from the unparalleled advantages of speed, scalability, agility, and profitability through our marketplace, dropship, and one-creditor functionalities.
Mirakl Connect
Rapidly respond to customer demands and kickstart your marketplace & dropship journey with Mirakl Connect's high-quality, ready-to-onboard supplier ecosystem. With your best future sellers already integrated into the Mirakl Platform, accelerate your time to launch, streamline internal operations, and achieve remarkable growth with our powerful network of sellers and partners.
Mirakl Catalog Manager
Simplify the process of working with numerous suppliers using Mirakl Catalog Manager's onboarding and management tools. A seamless eCommerce experience relies heavily on product information, and our Catalog Manager empowers retailers and B2B businesses to reduce manual efforts when integrating and maintaining new supplier catalogs online.
Mirakl Payout
Attract top sellers effortlessly with simple onboarding and fast, secure payments through Mirakl Payout. Our integration allows marketplaces to launch faster, with easy setup and management of payment workflows, all through a unified connection, while maintaining minimal impact on existing pay-in provider relationships.
Enhance customer experiences and boost conversions with Mirakl's real-time personalization engine, Target2Sell. Show the right products to the right customers at the right time, ensuring new products are discoverable as your assortment grows. Leverage AI-driven personalization across first-party and third-party offers to achieve curation at scale and deliver a tailored experience to each customer.
Mirakl Ads
Maximize the potential of your expanded product assortment by monetizing all website traffic through Mirakl Ads. Transform your eCommerce audience into a highly profitable revenue stream by selling ad space, offering a retail media solution for both first-party and marketplace assortment.

Unlock Profitable Growth

Juliette Pichard, Vice President, Financial Advisory, Mirakl, shares how Douglas, Kingfisher, Macy's, Maisons du Monde, and MediaMarkt are driving profitability with their marketplace.