The stats are in: this year on Black Friday, Amazon captured 54.9% of online transactions*. The holiday season has just begun and Amazon has already taken over half of online sales.

The reason? Amazon's huge assortment gives shoppers confidence they'll find what they're looking for. Fifty percent of consumers surveyed left a retailer’s site when they couldn’t find the product they were looking for quickly and easily.**

In a recent report, Forrester Research reveals the highlights from the US online Retail Forecast including the state of the retail industry and Amazons growth. Read this report to gain insight on how to combat Amazon and gain market share, including:

  • The drivers of online retail sales growth in the US
  • The challenges retailers are facing and will continue to face in years to come
  • Recommendations on how to combat Amazon and address industry challenges 



*Amazon captures 55% of Black Friday transactions among top online retailers