Uncover How Third-Party Sellers Are Fueling the Growth Among Top Retailers

Earlier this year, Mirakl’s Enterprise Marketplace Index revealed that marketplaces have grown at more than double the rate of eCommerce. This marketplace growth demonstrates the increasing importance of third-party sellers in enabling retailers to provide customers with anytime, anywhere access to the products they need.

Despite these impressive numbers, the world of marketplace sellers remains mysterious to many retailers. That’s why Mirakl analyzed over 50,000 sellers to understand how third-party sellers are fueling the growth of enterprise marketplaces for retailers like Express, La Redoute, and Galeries Lafayette.

The Enterprise Marketplace Seller Report is a companion to the Enterprise Marketplace Index and empowers retailers launching and scaling enterprise marketplaces to better understand seller profiles and craft effective plans for seller onboarding, retention, and growth.

This report gives retailers a deep understanding of:

  • The diversity of enterprise marketplace sellers and how this allows retailers to curate their marketplace assortment to best serve shoppers
  • How third-party sellers are positively impacting customer satisfaction
  • How you can craft a powerful strategy for seller onboarding, retention, and growth

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The Real Impact of Sellers in Enterprise Marketplace Success


Sellers, large and small, are seizing the enterprise marketplace opportunity.

With the acceleration of enterprise marketplaces, sellers are responding to the opportunity ahead: 36% of sellers joined enterprise marketplaces in the past 15 months.


Sellers are delivering high customer satisfaction.

Experienced sellers are earning the highest customer ratings of 4.5/5 and of all customers service inquiries, sellers answered or resolved inquiries autonomously in 99.5% of cases. 



Sellers onboard fast and retain and grow GMV for retailers over time.

Sellers onboarded their catalogs on enterprise marketplaces – from first login to first sale in 22 days, with the top 25% in just 5 days. Sellers and retailers experience growth together and 93% of sellers were retained year-over-year. 

Get Access to the Enterprise Marketplace Seller Report

The Enterprise Marketplace Seller Report is a companion to the Enterprise Marketplace Index. The report was created to analyze seller activity on Mirakl-powered Marketplaces across the globe to benchmark their contribution to the state of enterprise marketplaces today as well as quantify the key growth drivers. With this report, you will gain a deeper understanding of how sellers provide a scalable solution for enterprise marketplaces, delivering more selection, more choice, and better value to customers.

Download the full report to uncover the real impact of sellers in the growth of Enterprise Marketplaces. 

Download the full report