The only consumer survey dedicated to uncovering how shoppers feel about product selection, out-of-stocks, competitive pricing and browsing on Amazon.

Consumers are more demanding than ever, did you know 86% of consumers now expect more product choice, even in the same category? Both generalist and specialist retailers alike are having to re-examine their product assortment strategy to determine if they are really meeting the needs of the modern shopper.

We decided to investigate how consumers really feel about their favourite retailer’s product strategies. What is the true impact of an out of stock experience on shoppers? How often do they shop around to get the right price? What is most likely to keep them loyal customers? And is it true that most start their browsing on Amazon? 

A snapshot of the findings:

- 82% have experienced an out-of-stock when shopping online
- 71% went on to complete their purchase by going to a different website
- 33% say they will likely stop shopping with that retailer in the future as a result

Download this unique study into the power of product strategy in the purchasing experience to uncover more key findings.

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