B2B Marketplace Growth Accelerates in a Digital-First World

The growth of B2B marketplaces has accelerated, driven by the global pandemic and a rise in B2B buyer expectations. 80% of B2B buyers now expect the same seamless purchasing experience they have in their personal lives.

Now is the time for wholesalers and distributors to leverage the marketplace model to better serve customers and operate in a digital first world. Mirakl partnered with Roland Berger and Webhelp on a recent report focused on the evolution of B2B marketplaces across the world, with case studies including testimonials from leading B2B organizations Aniel, Conrad and Maykers

"The Covid-crisis has reinforced the need to build trusted marketplace solutions for our customers to cover a wide range of products but also services which set themelves apart from traditional generalist platforms. Our solution is at the heart of the ecosystem and leverages our product, logistics and technology strengths."
Alexander Ketelaar, Managing Director & Co-founder, Maykers

Download the report to learn:

  • The relevance of B2B marketplaces for wholesalers and manufacturers in a digital-first world,
  • The growth of B2B marketplaces across industries
  • The 5 key factors to launch a successful B2B marketplace
  • Strategic considerations to make when planning the launch of a marketplace

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