On-Demand Webinar Featuring Conrad 

It is no longer business-as-usual for distributors in today’s digital world. The platform model has changed that permanently. The disruption of digital players like Amazon or Alibaba in the industry is pressuring companies to act quickly or get left behind. Conrad, however, saw this before anyone else.  

Three years ago, Conrad Electronics, one of Germany’s largest electronics companies, noticed a growing demand to have more choice and more convenience. A platform pioneer, they pivoted their business focus from retail operations to wholesale and launched the first B2B technology and electronics marketplace in Germany, giving their customers a true one-stop-shop experience.

That shift has paid off. Conrad is now able to list more than 2 million products ranging from electric cables and semiconductors to data storage servers, which helps them attract an average of 600,000 visitors to their site per month. 

In this webinar recording, hear Ales Drabek, Chief Disruption and Digital Officer at Conrad and Anthony Larkin, VP of Product Marketing at Mirakl discuss how Conrad leveraged the platform model to drastically change the distribution game. Access this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Best Practices that led to Conrad’s transformation into the sourcing platform for technology and electronics
  • Tips and learnings on Conrad’s early challenges and how they overcame them
  • Insights on why the B2B industry is poised to be the future of eCommerce

About our speakers:

Ales Drabek
Chief Digital & Disruption Officer at Conrad Electronic SE

As a Chief Digital & Disruption Officer at Conrad Electronic SE, Ales Drabek is responsible for IT, eCommerce, Data Management and Customers Intelligence. He's also responsible for developing new type of digital business models with a strong focus on IoT and smarthome. He has an extensive experience at leading international retailers & distributors like METRO Group, Rossmann and C&A.

Anthony Larkin
VP of Product Marketing at Mirakl

Anthony joined Mirakl in 2019 as VP of Product Marketing and is responsible for growing market success of Mirakl’s products and solutions. With more than a decade of experience from Akamai, where he most recently led product marketing for the Web Performance business, Anthony also brings his knowledge and experience in SaaS sales, eCommerce industry marketing and expanding new merchandise categories as a buyer at online retailer, Wayfair.