How Marketplaces Can Help Your Business Navigate COVID-19

In these exceptionally uncertain times, we are collectively redefining our priorities. As a community, we must focus on getting to the other side of this crisis as healthy as possible and coming out of it even stronger than before. 

For many businesses, several projects have been put on hold, budgets have been trimmed and innovation as a whole has become a nice-to-have, instead of a must. "Platforming your business" sounds like an overambitious plan for an unforeseeable future. 

But "platforming your business" isn't a digital transformation project you can put on hold. The new leaders in a post COVID-19 world will be the ones who leverage platforms to respond to their customers' needs now. The platform business model positions companies to have the tools to adapt and thrive more than most. In this exclusive webinar, tune in with Laurence Greenway, Platform Advisory Consultant, and Emma Cole, Senior Client Success Consultant.

With the goal to help understand the complexities of steering businesses through these times, you will learn: 

  • How businesses can leverage platform business models to be more agile
  • Industry trends and best practices to meet customer needs during this unprecedented time
  • Real time examples of how Mirakl customers are positioning themselves as leaders.

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