Three strategies for companies: from cost element to value generator

With digital disruption sweeping across industries like a tidal wave, companies can no longer assume that their established procurement processes will be successful.

In the not-too-distant future, procurement as we know today will cease to exist. This presents companies with a challenge, but also with a great opportunity. Procurement platforms offer a number of critical advantages over classic procurement channels, such as lower transaction costs, widespread acceptance by buyers, competitive pricing and an automatically expanding portfolio of products. 

In this study we identify three strategies for "platformization": companies can use a generalist platform, they can build their own platform - transforming procurement from a cost element to a value generator. Choosing the right strategy, or combination of strategies, is key. 

Read the Roland Berger Focus study to learn:

  • How the endgame of procurement has begun
  • The advantages of procurement platforms over classic procurement channels
  • Three strategies for platformization